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Our team have a diverse range of skills and experience which we utilise to ensure that you are always fully supported to make informed decisions and enable your business to head along a path of success.

Gavin Hayes - DirectorGavin Hayes - Director

Gavin Hayes - Director

The Hayes of Devlin Cameron and Hayes, Gavin is an oracle of all accounting, economic and business knowledge. As he closely follows the New Zealand, Australian and Global economies he is more than willing to give a detailed update at any time. With proven experiences that stretch across many industries Gavin is a straight shooter and tells it like it is which clients appreciate. “It is important clients understand where they are, but also how we can get them to where they want to be’, says Gavin. Gavin is an avid rugby fan, has recently taken up cycling and enjoys a nice drop of red.

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Shane Wingfield-Smith - DirectorShane Wingfield-Smith - Director

Shane Wingfield-Smith - Director

Building a strong relationship with clients is important for Shane, “by understanding my clients and their businesses I can provide balanced solutions” says Shane.  Shane provides clients with answers to the most complicated accounting and tax problems and can turn the answer to these into layman’s terms.  He has specialist knowledge of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry and supports many supermarket clients throughout the North Island.  Shane also has a thorough understanding of the commercial and residential property sectors and can advise on all aspects of accounting and taxation for these.  After work Shane enjoys family time with his wife and children and is a passionate rugby follower.

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Andrew Bethwaite - DirectorAndrew Bethwaite - Director

Andrew Bethwaite - Director

Andrew has a depth of knowledge across multiple industries including rural, construction, commercial and viticulture.  He values understanding the industries his clients operate in and is able to provide common sense solutions for his clients and their long term objectives.  “Being able to connect with clients and gain insight into their business and industry means I can support them fully” he says.  “I find this very rewarding“.  Andrew is also a great source of knowledge on various accounting software suites and often advises to keep it simple.  Outside of work Andrew can be found at the hockey turf most weekends during the winter where he coaches a number of teams.

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Renee Schalkwijk - DirectorRenee Schalkwijk - Director

Renee Schalkwijk - Director

Renee supports clients with business development projects and is passionate about optimising organisational structure, operational systems and measures.  “A clearly documented organisation structure and documented systems can have a profound difference to business success” she says.  Combining these skills with her accounting experience, Renee has undertaken a number of large scale business development projects for a range of clients focusing on governance, strategy and systems.  When she is not at work Renee enjoys keeping active and spending time with her husband and two children.

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We aim to develop close relationships so we understand each client's business and the direction they want to head. Our support is tailored to the specific requirements of the client to ensure goals are reached.

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Our team have a wide range of skills and interests. We are informed on industry news, legislation changes and our communities. Read the latest from us.

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